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A Beginners Guide – Getting started with Google+

Follow these simple steps to Getting Started with Google+

  1. Create a Google+ Page

Firstly to create a Google+ Page for your business you need a personal Google+ profile. This is not too difficult to do. Once you have a Gmail email account you can just claim your page.

Create Google+ Page

Once that is done, you can start your business page here.  Remember to choose the business type that correctly represents your type of business.

Google+ choose your business type

  1. Verify your page, and claim your vanity URL (for example plus.google.com/mybusinessname/)

After you have selected what type of business page you want to create Google will ask you to locate your business on Google Maps.

Verify your business on Google+

Next Google will ask you to verify your business. You will be sent a unique code to the address you listed. Once you receive this code through the post you can complete the process.

If you do not verify your business you will still be able to use the page, but for search results it is best to verify.

  1. Complete your profile

Fill in all the profile information. Make sure to fill out your about page as completely as possible. Include an interesting bio that accurately describes your business. Next add your logo and cover photo. Choose images that correctly describes your brand so that people will recognize you straight away. This is also important so it doesn’t create brand confusion.

Useful Tip: Google recommends that your Cover Photo size is 1080 x 608 pixels and 270 x 270 pixels for your Logo.

Your reputation in social media
  1. Add the Google+ badge or button to drive followers

The Google+ Buttons is a customizable widget that helps you connect your site to your Google+ Page. The buttons allows visitors to +1 you, add you to their circles, share content directly from your website and recommends your content to Google.

Google+ Buttons are added by adding script to your website. The script can be found on the Google Developers Page.

You can use the following Google+ buttons:

  • +1 Button
  • Follow Button
  • Hangout button
  1. Start Connecting

As with other social networks once you are on Google+ it is important to post regularly.

Posts can by shared publicly or only with your circles.

When you follow people you add them to your circles. Circles can be explained as being much like email lists in that it allows you to organize people you want to communicate with and helps you send targeted communication. Apart from the default circles (Following, Friends, Family) you can add more circles and name them accordingly.

If you don’t want to use circles your posts will be shared publicly. This will be fine if you want to get started right away, but keep on working on those circles for optimal strategic communication.

So what do you post?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Share information about your business
  • Post links to blog posts you have written
  • Post News or upcoming events
  • Use Graphic/Visual Content – photos, images, infographics, videos
  • Share interesting information, posts or links from other blogs or sites related to yours

I will be going in depth about Google+ posting in a coming article, so be on the look-out for that.

5 Ways to engage customers on Facebook

5 ways to engage customers on facebook

We have talked about Facebook and the value it adds to your business before. Now it is time to engage your customers. Here are my top 5 ways on how to engage customers on Facebook.

  1. Post often

This is a simple one – your customers can’t engage if there is nothing to engage with. So once again content is key. Keep in mind that content needs to be new and fresh. Try to post at least once a day. It is also a good idea to use a call to action so that customers know what is expected of them.

  1. Use questions

One sure way to get your customers to engage is to involve them in the post. By asking a question you easily get them to interact. This in turn creates activity on your page and also boosts popularity.

  1. Images and videos creates more likes and shares

Your content needs to be of such a standard that it firstly draws attention and secondly makes people want to share it. What draws your attention more? A sentence that is text format only, or a colorful image. I think the answer is obvious.

  1. Offer promotions

In today’s economy it is all about the money, so use it! Everybody loves a bargain and you have to give it to them. This can be done in two ways. One – advertise your brand! Tell them about your specials. Two – get them to interact by offering a discount coupon or something free for liking or sharing your Facebook page.

You can also use specific promotional codes so that you can track which post brought you the clients.

Your reputation in social media
  1. Competitions

Competitions are a great way to market your brand. Asking people to like or comment in order to win something is easy for them and great for you. Your followers will grow and so will your brand. This is also a great way of marketing a certain product.

There are however a few rules that has to be followed when launching a competition on Facebook. You should always adhere to these rules as to ensure that your page does not get removed by Facebook.

In short you CAN:

  • Ask people to like a post to enter
  • Ask people to comment on a post to enter
  • Ask people to private message the page to enter
  • Ask people to post on your page to enter


  • Ask people to share to enter
  • Ask people to invite to enter
  • Ask people to tag themselves in content to enter

Business Page rules can be found here https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php. They did however make it a bit easier for launching promotions etc. with the following amendments https://www.facebook.com/business/news/page-promotions-terms.

Lastly remember that whatever you post it should be interesting and most important of all posts should be shareable. Use a variety of different posts and content to keep your customers engaged and interested. Good luck and happy posting!

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